This guy believed in his grandson and cashed in – do you have the guts?

Of course, we all love the members of our family. But sometimes you can turn that love and affection into a huge pile of money if you can detect a certain talent among them.

A guy called Peter Edwards was fully convinced that his grandson Harry Wilson would play in the Welsh National Football team.

He bet £50 when little Harry was only 18 months at odds 2500/1. And what happened?

In October 2013 16-year-old Harry Wilson was picked for the game against Belgium. Wales stunned the favorites by playing 1-1 but Peter Edwards will surely remember the day because young Harry came on as a substitute in the second half.

And with one touch Mr. Edward turned his £50 into £125.000. If you have the guts and believe in a member of your family you can do the same. Contact and ask them to make bet of your own. Next time it´s your turn to win big!

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